CAE Services

Genie Global Group offers a comprehensive range of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) services to empower your engineering simulations and analysis. Our expert team provides services such as pre-processing, structural analysis, fatigue analysis, CFD, and more. Explore our CAE service offerings to enhance your engineering processes and decision-making.

Our CAE Services Include:

Pre-Processing (Mesh Model Creation)

Genie Global Group excels in pre-processing, creating high-quality mesh models for accurate simulations.

Structural Analysis – Static & Dynamic Analysis:

We provide structural analysis services, including static and dynamic analysis, to assess the performance and integrity of mechanical systems.

Fatigue Analysis

Our utility mapping services involve the precise mapping of underground and above-ground utilities, critical for infrastructure management.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Genie Global Group offers CFD services for the analysis of fluid flow, heat transfer, and other fluid-related phenomena.

Virtual Drop Test/Impact Analysis

We specialize in virtual drop tests and impact analysis, simulating real-world scenarios to assess product safety and performance.

Post Processing

We provide post-processing services to interpret and visualize simulation results, facilitating informed decision-making.

Engineering Process Simulations

Our engineering process simulations enable you to optimize and validate your engineering designs and processes.

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For top-quality CAE services, contact Genie Global Group today. We are ready to discuss your unique engineering simulation requirements and provide solutions that enhance your product development and decision-making processes.

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