About Us

Genie’s dream factory is a world of aesthetic and beautiful designs, creation is unique and our creators create what you vision. Genie’s motive is to serve its clients , vision is created with profound artisans who’s craftsmanship shall deal with stylish interior and exterior designs. Spare sometime to go on a tour over the designs and information , let genie take you on a errand of designs into their factory!

Genie projects creativity and automation a blend that offers beautiful home décor solutions. The combination that flaunts ethnicity and urbanity creating the arena of comfort at your zone.

“Genie design factory started off with the one goal of being the reflection of its master’s vision. Everybody has a vision of their dream home and be it a small piece of room corner or a mansion we should provide what they desire, serve clients with passion and quality”

Given the situation of dealing with this pandemic we are equipped well enough to reach out to our clients in the best way we can, commercial or residential or a open space or a tiny outlet give us your mind and get it created.