Top 5 Trending Interior Styles That Suits Your Home


Contemporary style is the one in current trend. It is the reflection of today’s architecture/ style. It is a constantly evolving one. These styles have asymmetrical designs which is strongly impacted by geometrical shapes. Contemporary designed interiors have open space plan in which we can rearrange the interior layout in future. Often the large windows make the interiors to have bright and natural look. Speciality about contemporary is that they use sustainable and eco-friendly materials. 


Modern interior style is a sleek and modest one. It got popularized in 1920 to 1950’s. Designers keep décor minimal which in turn emphasis the industrial material like furniture and windows. Main base of modern interior style is to achieve clean and crisp line without fuss. These interiors are designed to have warm and neutral color palette which gives you a settled look. It highlights the furnishing that boasts reflective surfaces like exposed glass or metal. Both modern and contemporary have similar look but contemporary is much more futuristic which suits to current trend. 


The rustic goes contrast to the contemporary and modern. It is the style which defines the characteristic of rustic home whether it is a farm house, cottage or coastal. Rustic designs look very natural, aged and distressed. It has informal elegance and feel of vintage living by itself. Reclaimed wood and metal  are  used. interiors  are  maintained  with natural colors like browns, white black  and green. The touch of a Distressed finish in furniture   and wood works makes it more rustic. There is extensive use of natural light by having large window, which make interior look spaciousUtilization of antique accents stylistic layouts, vintage wreath is an addition to this style. 


A minimal interior is designed to have simple and uncluttered spaces. It is less layered to achieve more eclectic look. It has a neutral and muted color palette. The key of minimalism is to have only essentials and focusing more on it. Only Simple and light furniture were usedInterior were maintained with minimal or no decors. Minimal interior style does not take too much space, which is suitable for small and compact homes. 


The reflection of industrial style in our interior  space  is known as interior style. Now a days most of the commercial spaces and restaurants use these styles which is more economical than others. Exposed pipelines and havoc system in ceiling are one example. The walls have raw look with brick, stone or concrete finish. It has open space plan with few partitions resulted in having large interlocking space. It has a natural color palette with plenty of texture finish. Metallic framed windows and distressed furniture and industrial lighting were the elements of this style. 

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