Top Six Trending Wall Panelling


Decorative Wall panelling acts as a main feature which adds charm and style and brings luxury and sophistication to your home. Panelling done to improvise the aesthetics of room are decorative wall panelling. These type of wall panelling act as a highlight of your design, in which designer can derive obviously many versions of panelling.

There are other materials available for panelling a wall surface like gypsum board, pre-fabricated boards, metals, PVC sheets, fabric, laminate, etc.


Wainscoting is a traditional way to panel the wall by wood.Traditionally wainscoting was made of individual boards initially comprised of a particular type of oak, known as wainscot, where its name originated. Generally, it covers the lower half of the wall where abrasion of the wall occurs or damage occurs due to non-existent of damp-proof courses. This technique can be used in a single room or the entire house.

Even if you feel unfamiliar with the term “wainscoting,” it is likely that you have seen this type of wood panelling in a home or office building. For centuries, builders and homeowners have installed wainscoting to protect their walls from chair or table damage, scuff marks from footwear, and other damaging elements.


These panels are regularly square in shape. They are very usable to lay out in different figures, combining all sorts of shades and textures. Wall bracing for panels is usually produced by means of adhesive or Studding, and they are fixed to each other using only grooves and the inserts in them. There are other materials available for panelling a wall surface like gypsum board, pre-fabricated boards, metals, PVC sheets, fabric, laminate, etc.


The surface of these panels is made with multilayer structure with the imitation of stone, wood ,tiles or any texture. Installation is done using glue, and seams are hidden by mouldings or cornice. Plain sheets can ensure the surface of buildings smooth and clean enough. This type of panels is most often required for self-building houses. For the manufacture of sheet wall panels producers often use impregnated with resins fibreboard, vinyl sheets and pre-fabricated boards.


Shaker wall panels are a relatively simple design, strips of mdf are vertically placed and evenly spaced apar.

Shaker wall panelling is one of the most popular DIY upgrades homeowners are making today. While the most classic wood panel look is made up of evenly spaced vertical posts bordered by a horizontal trim at the top, there are lots of ways to get creative with this wall panelling DIY too.

One of the most apparent features of decorative wall panels is that they can be used to aesthetically enhance and accentuate your walls, and consequently the whole room.


Judges panelling is often confused with wainscoting, but it’s a bit different. While wainscoting is typically at chair rail height, judges paneling can fill up either a portion of a wall or the entire wall. Some common design elements include square or rectangle panels within a frame, like the image here.

And remember, you don’t even have to install Judges panelling on every wall in a room. One of the cool things about Judges panelling is that you can use it on just one wall and it’ll look great. For instance, if one of your walls is going to display lots of family photos, a Judges panelling draws the eye to that space.

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