Material Handling Equipment Design & Drafting Services

Genie Global Group specializes in the design and drafting of advanced material handling equipment for diverse industrial applications. Our experienced team of engineers and draftsmen create efficient and innovative solutions to meet your material handling needs. Explore our comprehensive range of material handling equipment design services.

Our Material Handling Equipment Design & Drafting Services include:

  • Belt Conveyors: Genie Global Group designs belt conveyors for the smooth and reliable transport of bulk materials. Our solutions are customized to handle various materials and applications.
  • Screw Conveyors: We provide screw conveyor designs that efficiently move granular or powdery materials. Our screw conveyors are known for their durability and precision.
  • Bucket Elevators: Genie Global Group designs bucket elevators for vertical material lifting. Our designs prioritize safety and efficiency.
  • Chain Conveyors: Our chain conveyor designs are ideal for heavy-duty applications, ensuring the secure movement of bulk materials.
  • Belt Conveyors for Airports and Automated Sorting Facilities: We design belt conveyors tailored to the unique requirements of airports and automated sorting facilities. Our solutions enhance baggage and package handling efficiency.
  • Bagging & Palletizing Equipment: Genie Global Group’s bagging and palletizing equipment designs improve packaging processes and enable efficient stacking and palletizing.
  • Roller Conveyors: Our roller conveyor designs offer smooth material flow and are suitable for various industries.
  • Silos, Bins, Hoppers, Tanks: We design storage equipment to store bulk materials safely and efficiently. Our designs consider material characteristics and space constraints.
  • RMC Batch Mixers: Genie Global Group offers ready-mix concrete (RMC) batch mixer designs that ensure consistent mixing of concrete components.
  • Powder Batch Mixers: Our powder batch mixer designs are ideal for industries requiring homogeneous blending of powders.
  • Pugmills, Agitators: We design pugmills and agitators for mixing, homogenizing, and agitating various materials.
  • Reactors: Our reactor designs meet the requirements of chemical and industrial processes, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
  • Batch Weighing Systems: Genie Global Group provides batch weighing system designs for accurate material measurement in industrial processes.
  • Layout Engineering: We offer layout engineering services to optimize the placement of material handling and mixing equipment within your facility.
  • Continuous Throughput Mixers: Our continuous throughput mixer designs enable continuous processing of materials, improving production efficiency.

Our material handling equipment designs cover conveyors, storage solutions, and more, optimized for industrial use.

  • Crushers: Genie Global Group designs crushers for the reduction of bulk materials to the desired size.
  • Vibrating Feeders and Screens: We offer vibrating feeders and screens for precise material handling and separation.
  • Rotary Airlock Feeders: Our rotary airlock feeder designs facilitate the controlled discharge of bulk materials.
  • Dryers: Genie Global Group designs efficient dryers for various materials, optimizing drying processes.
  • Various Kinds of Gates, All Slides & Gates, Guillotine Dampers: We provide a wide range of gate and damper designs to control material flow in industrial applications.

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