Food Processing Equipment Design Services

Genie Global Group is your trusted partner for the design of advanced food processing equipment. Our experienced team of engineers specializes in creating hygienic, efficient, and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of the food industry. Explore our comprehensive range of food processing equipment design services.

Our Food Processing Equipment Design Expertise Includes:

Hygienic Conveyor for Processing

Genie Global Group designs hygienic conveyors that meet strict food safety and sanitation standards. Our conveyor systems are tailored for the efficient and contamination-free handling of food products.

Blanching Lines

We provide blanching line designs that ensure the precise blanching of fruits and vegetables, preserving their color, flavor, and nutritional value.

Coating Line

Our coating line designs are ideal for applying coatings to food products, such as breading or batter, ensuring even and consistent coverage.

Frying Lines

Genie Global Group designs frying lines that offer precise temperature control and cooking consistency for fried food products.

Blast Freezers

We design blast freezers that rapidly lower the temperature of food products, preserving their quality and safety.

Low Tension Spiral Freezers

Our low-tension spiral freezer designs efficiently freeze food products while minimizing product damage.

Dryers & Roasters

We provide dryer and roaster designs for drying, roasting, and flavor development in various food products.

Seasoning System

Genie Global Group offers seasoning system designs to evenly coat food products with spices, flavors, and seasonings.


We design mixers for blending and homogenizing food ingredients, ensuring consistent product quality.

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When it comes to food processing equipment design, Genie Global Group is your reliable partner. Contact us today to discuss your unique food processing equipment requirements and discover how our design solutions can enhance your food production processes.

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