Medical Devices Design Services

Genie Global Group is a leading provider of cutting-edge medical device design services. Our team of skilled engineers specializes in developing innovative and high-quality medical devices that meet the rigorous standards of the healthcare industry. Explore our comprehensive range of medical device design services.

Our Medical Devices Design Expertise Includes:

Nebulizers for Aerosol Therapy

Genie Global Group designs nebulizers for aerosol therapy that deliver medication in a fine mist form for respiratory treatments. Our designs focus on precision and ease of use for both patients and healthcare professionals.

ETO Sterilizer

We provide ETO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilizer designs that ensure the effective sterilization of medical equipment and devices, crucial for infection control in healthcare settings.

Patient Chairs

Our patient chair designs prioritize patient comfort and ease of access for healthcare providers. We create ergonomic and adjustable chairs for various medical procedures and examinations.

Diagnostics Device Modules

Genie Global Group designs diagnostic device modules that integrate seamlessly into diagnostic equipment, offering precise and reliable measurement capabilities.

Catheter Implants (Urology)

We specialize in designing catheter implants for urological applications, focusing on patient comfort, ease of insertion, and functionality.


Our disposable medical device designs encompass a wide range of products, including single-use devices for infection control and safety.

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