Structural Analysis & Design Services

Genie Global Group excels in providing expert structural analysis and design services for a wide range of applications. Our dedicated team of engineers ensures the structural integrity and efficiency of various structures across industries. Explore our comprehensive offerings in structural analysis and design.

Our Structural Analysis & Design Expertise Includes:

Skid Mounted Structures

Genie Global Group designs skid-mounted structures for various equipment and systems, ensuring stability and ease of transportation.

Structured Pipe Racks

We specialize in the design of structured pipe racks that support piping systems in industrial facilities, optimizing space and safety.

Equipment Supporting Structures

Our designs include equipment supporting structures that provide a stable foundation for machinery and equipment.

Material Handling Equipment & Supporting Structures

We design supporting structures for material handling equipment, enhancing efficiency in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Building Structures (Commercial, Residential, etc.)

Genie Global Group offers structural design services for a wide range of building types, including commercial and residential structures.

Stress and Fatigue Analysis Using FEA

Our engineers perform stress and fatigue analysis of structures using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), ensuring structural integrity under varying loads and conditions.

Preparation of GA Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, BOM

We provide detailed General Arrangement (GA) drawings, fabrication drawings, and Bills of Materials (BOM) to facilitate construction and assembly.

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For reliable structural analysis and design services, contact Genie Global Group today. We are ready to discuss your unique structural requirements and deliver solutions that ensure safety and efficiency.

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