GIS Services

Genie Global Group offers a comprehensive suite of Geographic Information System (GIS) services to assist you in harnessing the power of spatial data. Our expert team provides a range of services including image processing, georeferencing, utility mapping, and more. Explore our GIS service offerings to unlock the potential of spatial information.

Our GIS Services Include:

Image Processing

Genie Global Group is a leading name in designing Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) and General Purpose Machines (GPMs) tailored to your specific requirements. Our custom machines are engineered to improve productivity and enhance the quality of your processes.


We provide georeferencing services, enabling the alignment of spatial data with real-world coordinates, improving accuracy and usability.

Utility Mapping

Our utility mapping services involve the precise mapping of underground and above-ground utilities, critical for infrastructure management.

Contour Mapping

We specialize in contour mapping, generating detailed topographic maps that aid in land planning, engineering, and environmental studies.

GIS Data Conversion

Genie Global Group offers GIS data conversion services, converting data formats to ensure compatibility and accessibility.

Geological Mapping

We excel in geological mapping, creating comprehensive geological maps that assist in resource exploration and environmental assessments.

Cartographic Mapping

Our cartographic mapping services involve the creation of custom maps and visualizations for various applications, including planning and decision-making.

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