Machine Design Services

Genie Global Group specializes in cutting-edge machine design services to meet a wide range of industrial needs. Our expert engineers are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that optimize performance, efficiency, and reliability across various sectors. Discover how our machine design expertise can benefit your organization.

Our Machine Design Expertise Includes:

Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) & General Purpose Machines (GPMs)

Genie Global Group is a leading name in designing Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) and General Purpose Machines (GPMs) tailored to your specific requirements. Our custom machines are engineered to improve productivity and enhance the quality of your processes.

Reverse Engineering

We offer comprehensive reverse engineering services, enabling you to update, replicate, or enhance existing machinery. Our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team ensure accurate and efficient reverse engineering solutions.

Packaging Equipment

Our machine design solutions include packaging equipment that meets the demands of various industries. From filling and sealing machines to labeling and cartoning systems, we deliver innovative packaging solutions that streamline your production.

Assembly Automation

Genie Global Group excels in creating advanced assembly automation solutions. We design automated assembly lines and systems that improve accuracy, reduce cycle times, and minimize labor costs, enhancing overall efficiency.

Process Automation:

We specialize in process automation, optimizing your manufacturing processes with automated systems. Our solutions result in increased consistency, reduced waste, and improved control over critical processes.

Testing & Inspection Machines

Our machine design team develops testing and inspection machines that ensure the quality and reliability of your products. From non-destructive testing to precision inspection, we have you covered.

Powder Metallurgical Equipment

Genie Global Group’s expertise extends to powder metallurgical equipment. We design equipment for powder compaction, sintering, and other processes, enhancing the production of high-quality powdered metal components.

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